What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a hobby of American origin that caught on in Japan and then came back to the West and came over to us. The word itself is a portmanteau of the words Costume and Play. The costume part refers to how a cosplayer creates the outfit of a fictional character down to the closest details to then wear it and thus show their love for that character. This love is then further expressed in the Play section. This means that the cosplayer not only mimics the outfit, but also the behavior of this character.

The Play part is mainly expressed during competitions where acts are often at least as important as the costume itself. Cosplayers are therefore not only skilled craftsmen who use all kinds of techniques to imitate outfits, but also strong actors who want to share their love for stories and characters with the world.

Cosplay is therefore a creative and social hobby in which both young and old are welcome to exhibit their skills and enthusiasm! Not only is it a hobby that can be competitive, but it is also a hobby that invites social contact between participants precisely because most cosplayers have similar interests and experience them just as vividly. Among the fans, the cosplayers are always the most driven of them all!

What is CosplayCloud?

CosplayCloud is a community with the aim of connecting Belgian cosplayers and convention people. By offering an atmosphere of tolerance and friendship to cosplayers and convention goers, we hope to bring them closer together. The organisation of CosplayCloud consists of a group of volunteers who organise activities inside and outside of conventions for Belgian cosplayers, anime freaks, gamers, otaku and more!

Because CosplayCloud does not work with a concept of members, everyone is free to participate in all activities and that of course is completely free. To us, everyone, whether they are big, small, male, female, old, young, Flemish or Walloon, is free to have fun and are welcome to attend everything we organise!

In addition, we try to use our position as an organisation to improve the image of the hobby in Belgian society through partnerships with major companies, big conventions and the media. We act as the first line of communication for anyone who wants to contact Belgian cosplayers for media projects and promotion opportunities. Just as we help our many partners on a daily basis, we also want to help you to contact Belgian cosplayers and in this way build a solid and long-term cooperation between you and the Belgian cosplay community.